Broken Hardware

This page lists hardware known to NOT work with Plan 9.

Entries here should note the reason for the incompatibility and include a datestamp. Please be as specific as possible about part, model, and revision numbers, including firmware and BIOS versions when relevant.

Don't mention hardware for which there is obviously no driver support; this list is intended to enumerate broken hardware that you would have expected to work ...


  • Intel D945GCLF2: Very broken ACPI implementation. Fails to boot the Plan 9 loader; seriously hosed under FreeBSD as well. (2009-12-30
  • Intel DG45ID: ACPI-only, no MP tables, so only one core will be seen. (15 Jan 2010
  • Intel DG45MJ: built-in Ethernet is Realtek and doesn't PXE boot correctly. (19 Jan 2010