Google Summer of Code 2007


Plan 9 is an excellent environment to learn about many aspects of computing: operating systems, distributed systems, programming languages, network protocols, etc.

Plan 9 is not a difficult environment, and simplicity is its main quality, but it is very *different* from anything else you might be used to!

Fundamental requirements:

  • A very open mind to explore and embrace very different concepts and environments.
  • To enjoy challenges that stretch your preconceptions to the limit.

General recommended skills:

  • Understanding of basic Unix principles and philosophy.
  • Some programming experience, ideally with C but other languages are fine.

If you have any questions you can check our irc channel #plan9-gsoc in or join the Plan 9 Google Summer of Code mailing list.


Here is a list of projects we suggest, even if they seem complex and difficult, they are probably much simpler than you think, in Plan 9 everything is simpler ;)

Please don't hesitate to check with us to discuss projects and feel free to suggest any new project that is both exciting and innovative.

Misc and various projects:

User space native Plan 9 applications:

Port of foreign applications:

Kernel related work:

9P related projects:

Plan 9 from User Space or other work in foreign systems:

Please add any other project suggestions to the list, see also:TODO.


  • John-Galt: fbsdaemon AT
  • npe: noah.evans AT
  • maht: Maht.Lawless AT
  • garbeam: garbeam AT
  • newmanbe: btd.newman AT
  • fgb: benavento AT
  • uriel: uriel99 AT

(We expect to have a few more mentors in the next few days)


  • March 14: List of accepted mentoring organizations published on; student application period opens
  • March 24: Student application deadline
  • April 9: List of accepted student applications published on
  • May 28: Students begin coding for their GSoC projects; Google begins issuing initial student payments

For a more detalied timeline see the official GSoC site.


Our syster project Inferno is also participating in GSoC07, see: