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Dave Eckhardt - Carnegie Mellon University

YAMANASHI Takeshi - 9.nashi AT gmail DOT com - Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kenji Arisawa - Aichi University


Marina Brown marina at surferz dot net

  • Mainly a unix admin but falling in love with Plan9

Brantley Coile - brantley AT coraid DOT com - Athens, GA. Also here at Coraid are Sam Hopkins and Ed Cashin.

Geoff Collyer - geoff AT plan9 DOT bell-labs DOT com

Bruce Ellis - brucee AT 9netics DOT com - 9Netics/Rangboom

Charles Forsyth - forsyth AT vitanuova DOT com -

Erik Quanstrom - quanstro AT coraid DOT com

Steve Simon - steve AT quintile DOT net

Anthony Sorace - anthony AT strand1 DOT com - Strand 1

Skip Tavakkolian - 9nut AT 9netics DOT com - 9Netics/Rangboom

Eric Van Hensbergen (ericvh) - ericvh AT gmail DOT com - IBM Austin Research Lab

Jeff Sickel - jas AT corpus-callosum DOT com

John Floren - - Sandia National Labs


Federico G. Benavento (fgb) - benavento AT gmail DOT com - Law/Arts student - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peter A. Cejchan (++pac) - pac7 AT post DOT cz- biologist @ Academy of Sciences, Prague, CZ

Chris Collins (kuroneko) - chris AT collins DOT id DOT au - Tech Support, Ursys Pty Ltd, AU

Lyndon Nerenberg <> - Vancouver, Canada

uriel - uriel(@) Stockholm, Sweden

ChrisGarrod at - SanDiego California - 20070518.1655 GMT

Joel “chesky” Salomon — JoelCSalomon at — Cooper Union, New York, NY

Vester "Vic" Thacker - vester.thacker AT gmail DOT com

james francis toy iv --

Eli "echoline" Cohen - echoline AT gmail DOT com

David du Colombier - djc AT 9grid DOT fr - Paris, France

sl - stanley DOT lieber AT gmail DOT com